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Womens' Rights

Womens' Rights

Many protections exist to ensure that women are able to work in an environment free of sexual harassment. It is illegal for a woman to be discriminated against in any hiring, termination, or displinary action. A. woman’s work environment is to be absent of any sexually harassing behavior such as sexual advances or a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual approaches including touching, or degrading remarks. These approaches or remarks are usually made with the suggestion that an employee’s status depends on cooperation or a positive response.


A number of state and federal statutes exist to benefit women employees.


Women who have been subject to sexual discrimination or sexual harassment may be able to recover lost wages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorney fees and be reinstated in their job.


If you believe you have been sexually discriminated against, or subjected to sexual harassment, please Contact Us to discuss your cause of action.