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Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination
Wrongful termination is a general heading given to many causes of actions employees have for being unlawfully terminated. Some specific causes of action are retaliatory discharge (termination done in retaliation for an employee's conduct that violate public policy, such as whistle-blowing) and breach of contract (i.e. being denied progressive discipline or violating an employee contract). If you believe you have been wrongfully discharged, you may have a cause of action.


Many federal and state statutes exist to protect employees from being wrongfully terminated. Federal and state whistle-blower acts have been enacted as well as the Court created retaliatory deischarge cause of action. Several laws also exist that make it illegal for for an employer to violate a collective bargaining agreement or other employment contract.


Employees who have been subject to wrongful termination may be able to recover lost wages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorney fees and be reinstated in their previous job.


If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated Contact Us to determine your cause of action.